WESWireless Fire Safety & Security Technology

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The WES range of innovative fire safety solutions helps guard construction sites, industrial properties and historic buildings across the world.

Created by the leading IoT specialists at Ramtech Electronics, the development of WES3 – our market leading temporary wireless evacuation system – has seen it spread across the globe and it has been used on many famous projects, particularly across the construction industry.

We also offer Ramtech's REACT solution, a 24/7 site safety solution that is app driven, enhancing protection for staff, assets and properties.

Designed to the highest levels of legislative compliance, WES products meet the intense safety challenges of intricate sites including ports, factories, historic sites, educational buildings and construction.

We are renowned for our personalised solutions when our products are chosen for site and we can offer a wide range of technology, from pre-ignition solutions to IoT cloud-based safety alert systems. Features include the likes of inspection delays, systems tests and medical alerts.

Since being formed in 1990 in the UK, quality engineering and design has been at the centre of the Ramtech Electronics business. It’s our job to innovate – so we take on the most skilled staff, adopt the latest resources and employ rigorous testing to ensure our constant Research and Development consistently delivers the best possible wireless safety and security solutions which have been core to the company’s international growth.

We can identify the best solution for you, no matter that size of the project in question. Our team of experts will help you identify and achieve the best result possible.

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