WESCase Studies

WES+Marstall Center, ED. ZUBLIN AG

Client: Ed. Zublin AG

Project Value: 100 million Euros

Project Type: Refurbishment

Location: Ludwigsburg, Germany

Ed. Zublin AG, one of the largest contracting companies in Germany, has set the benchmark for safety high by specifying WES+, Europe’s only EN 54 compliant wireless fire alarm system, on the €100 million Marstall Center project in Ludwigsburg.

The Marstall Center created a number of safety issues because it is constructed beneath a fully occupied block of 200 flats. The close proximity of residents and the ability of fire to spread rapidly meant that there was an exceptional high risk from fire on this project.

Marstall Ludwigsburg is a 100 million Euro retail fire-development by ECE in the centre of Ludwigsburg that will comprise 25,700m² of sales area and 70 shops. It is due for completion on September 2015.

WES+ at the Marstall Center

Two incidents of small fires from hot works had already prompted Zublin to look for a more effective fire alert and evacuation system.

After re-working the original fire plan and carrying out a risk analysis, a comprehensive WES+ solution was supplied including over 50 fire points, along with dust resistant smoke detectors, linked to a GSM Base Station.

By choosing WES+, Europe’s only EN 54 compliant wireless re alarm system that’s specially designed for construction sites, Zublin has demonstrated that it places the safety of employees, those living and working close to its sites, and its client’s interests above all else.

Aside from specifying an EN 54-complaint fire alarm with manual re points, Zublin enhanced safety by incorporating automatic heat detectors and dust-resistant smoke detectors into the WES+ system to provide 24/7 cover. This will ensure that physical assets and adjoining buildings remain fully protected from the spread of fire even when there is no one on site. The base station allows the fire officer to instantly identify which manual fire point or automatic detection unit has been activated, allowing emergency services to be deployed quickly to the exact source. Rapid deployment of fire teams is essential for Zublin because of the residents that live in the apartments above the site. The WES+ Base Station also delivers extensive system reporting and configuration functionality.

WES+ call points are designed so that the system is interlinked, which means that all floors of this complex site receive the same audible and visual alert signal even if the fire is contained to just one of them. This creates a completely secure mesh network across the site.

The WES+ system uses Category 1 receivers (ETSI 300-220-1) throughout, ensuring maximum signal reliability across the entire Marstall Center project. The system is fully scalable for any size of construction or demolition project and once a development is complete, it can simply be transferred to the next site for re-use. Simplified on-site setup means that it is possible to activate, add or clone units with just a few button presses.

As the only wireless fire alarm system with a three-year battery life specifically designed for construction sites, WES+ provides Zublin with a practical solution that requires minimal input – it even enables regular system-wide tests of the system to be carried out in silence to minimise on-site disruption.

Cristian Manocchio, Project Manager at Zublin, said: “All construction sites are vulnerably exposed to fire which is why any innovation that reduces the risk to personnel is so important to our company. WES+ resolved a real issue for us on this project by protecting both our workers on site and residents living in the apartments above.

He added: “We feel that WES+ not only sets the highest fire safety standard in the industry but sends a clear message to clients and developers that their construction site is in safe hands with Zublin. As far as we are aware there is no other comparable system available anywhere in Europe.”