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Emergency Evacuation Technology


When 6.5 million construction workers report to work on 252,000 jobsites each day in the U.S., they do so under the assumption that certain safeguards are in place in order to protect them. Their families are counting on it, too. The expectation is that no matter where a worker is on site or what job they may be carrying out that day, they’ll be alerted and have the ability to alert others when an emergency occurs. With the rate of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities higher in the construction industry than most other industries, emergencies are an inevitable part of the regular routine. It makes good sense to have an adaptable, durable, highly functional alert system in place from the first phase of construction to the last.


NFPA reported that between 2010 and 2014, there were 3,750 fires in structures under construction, 2,560 fires in structures undergoing major renovation, and 2,130 fires in structures being demolished in the U.S. The fires in structures under construction led to $172 million in direct property damages, claimed five lives, and injured 51 people. Most are attributed to heaters, welding, cutting, grinding, soldering, and/or accumulated construction materials and cardboard.


So, there’s no doubt that construction is an inherently high-risk industry, but in many cases the impact of emergency incidents can be minimized or, better yet, prevented from happening in the first place. The simple fact is that technology can help, and construction companies who are willing to explore new technologies and implement them into their projects are already seeing the benefits all of which will be discussed during the webinar. To maximize the value offered to each attendee, we have decided to run this webinar on a one-to-one basis to ensure you get a full understanding of the technology available and are able to ask questions relating to your particular circumstances and needs.


The following topics will be covered during the live webinar:

  • Introduction to Ramtech and WES
  •  Why are fire risks higher on construction sites
  • Consequences of fires on construction sites
  • Current solutions and our solution
  •  Product Demo
  •  Q&A Session


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