WES3  is designed to protect your site

Protect your site with WES3 - a wireless evacuation system that’s specifically engineered to deliver the highest standards of legislative compliance while meeting the unique safety challenges of construction sites.

Since its launch in 2009, the WES system has grown to become the temporary alarm system of choice throughout the construction industry and has extended to incorporate all aspects of site security including access control, CCTV, security and environmental detection such as water, gas and dust.

The WES3 system has been developed by construction, for construction.  Originally developed in partnership with two of the UK’s leading construction contractors, WES3 has been designed specifically to function in the challenging environment of today’s Construction industry and is now fully available to the North American market using the 915 radio frequency.

Typical installations range from residential housing developments and high-rise multi-occupancy, to commercial properties and public buildings in healthcare, education, leisure, and retail.  WES networks are also widely used in major civil and infrastructure construction schemes.