WESProduct Range

WESProduct Range

The expanding WES product range has been specifically developed to provide wireless emergency systems that can be used in construction, industrial and commercial property locations. By focusing on innovation and ease of use, we offer our customers unique solutions that are easy to operate and setup.

The dependable wireless US specification technology we use enables the system to be installed quickly and moved around as required without damaging the building. Unlike hard wired systems, WES can be used in the most complex of locations where traditional hard-wired alarms would be impractical or cost-prohibitive. That’s why you’ll find our products in multi-million dollar construction sites, listed heritage properties, factories, religious buildings, railyards and commercial property.

Our WES systems are straightforward to install and use. The wireless technology and long battery life enable the system to be placed just about anywhere. It's also possible to add, remove and clone our units with just a few button presses, meaning that the system is scalable for any location size. No complex training is required.

Starting with a single product line in 2009, the WES range has developed into an extensive, adaptable range of products and systems that detect, alert and respond to things such as medical, fire and other site emergencies.

WES Hotspot

With WES Hotspot, you can stop electrical fires before they start. Ground-breaking, patented technology reacts to higher than expected heat that results from the likes of faults in electrical wiring or power spikes, turning a potential emergency into a maintenance issue.


Our latest temporary wireless evacuation system featuring benefits including medical alert, system polling, inspection delay, pre-alarm functions and full isolation test mode. Use with WES REACT to give you greater features and data.


The cloud-based WES REACT gives 24/7 coverage in the form of real-time alerts regarding site emergencies that can be sent direct to specific site personnel. It gives site management teams complete control of emergency communications.